Friday, December 4, 2015

New Series/New Beginning

Hello everyone. I just wanted to make an update here to let you guys know some of the big things going on with my photography (and life!)

I have been moving around a lot these past several years that I have had this photo page and a lot of you I have met or connected with online along the way, from Boston MA in 2005 when I made this page in College, to breifly my hometown of Springfield MA in 2010, then to Fayetteville NC for most of 2011 while I was working on Fort Bragg, then living and working in Atlanta GA for the past about 4 years. As some of you know I relocated yet again to New Britain CT last month, I am planning to have my photography based here permanently for the forseeable future as I have a good job here, have great photo oppertunities, and am really enjoying the area and location in relation to friends, family, and nearby things to do.

The big news in relation to my photography is that I will be to some extent starting over and going in a more artistic rather than commercial direction. Over the next couple months I plan to rebuild my website from scratch and will be retiring a lot of the older work in my portfolios and narrowing down the rest into a single small 'commercial work' portfolio. I will still be available to hire for portrait & commercial projects but my website and online 'presence' will be entirely based around my new photo series that I am keeping somewhat secret for now.

After 10 years I am ready for something new and I feel like now is the time to do it. I'm looking forward to sharing some new photos this winter and hope you are too!

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