Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tye & Sheretta Anniversary Photos

Some photos from a session this past weekend for this couple's 17th anniversary. The plan was to document their evening around downtown Atlanta through a series of portraits and candid shots.

Allison (Veterinary Technician studio headshots)

From a recent studio headshot session for a veterinary technician. We did one on a blue back ground and one on a white background which I 'knocked out' entirely for use on her business card.

Lawson & Davis Portraits

Some photos from my portrait session a few weeks ago with these cool kids at Stone Mountain Park.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Warehouse Floor

A pre-dawn test shot from a shoot at the Costco southeastern distribution center in Atlanta. I will post some of the actual photos from the shoot when the project is complete, approved, and edited.

Business Headshots

A few samples from recent business headshot sessions using different studio backgrounds:

Brick wall (for a more casual look):

Solid White (Perfect for business cards):

Traditional Grey:

For more information or to book a business headshot session, send me an email at

Night Sky

A long exposure of the night sky that I captured while visiting friends in South Carolina a couple weekends ago...