Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kennel Visit

Recently I was contacted about doing some photo work for an animal hospital in nearby Tucker, GA for their new brochure. Today I spent some time photographing in the Kennel area of the hospital where they board the dogs and cats.

These are a few of the shots from today, I attempted to not just get pictures of the pets in cages but to reveal some of the animals personality to show them being happy and relaxed in their temporary homes. Some time in the next couple weeks I will be returning to get some working photos of the staff and some portraits of the Doctors.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guess Who?

This was a bit of a test shoot experimenting with pushing the limits of my usual style. I hardly ever shoot digital photos in black and white. I felt that with the right theme it might still be able to work for me, in this case a 'vintage' advertising look.

What do you think?

Model & MUA: Teagan Marie

Captured with a Nikon D2Xs SLR Camera with a Sigma 28 - 105mm Lens. (set at 28mm). Natural lighting from the sun coming through a full length glass door.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Haunting Images from Decatur Cemetery, The oldest burial site in Metro Atlanta

Today I spent most of this St. Patrick's day exploring Decatur Cemetery, a local burial ground that pre-dates the city's incorporation in 1823. It is the oldest cemetery in metro Atlanta and has many grave sites dating back to the 1700's. It is also the final resting place of countless soldiers from the civil war.

I was really interested in the way some of the old grave stones had degraded with time while others remained looking almost new after 200 years. Also I noticed that many if not most of the older graves were those of infants and children, although sad it should make us appreciate the state of science and medicine today since it was pretty normal to lose children to diseases back in those days.

I shot a lot of photos today while traversing the huge area that the cemetery encompasses, these are my favorites. I tried to capture some of the grave stones that I felt had the most character and the areas that surround them.

Fortunately the cemetery is only a couple miles from the house that I recently moved into so I will probably be returning there often to continue exploring some of the areas that I didn't make it to today.

If you're interested in learning more, you can read about Decatur Cemetery here on Wikipedia: Decatur Cemetery

Friday, March 16, 2012

Flytraps: Part 2

The new Flytrap Images I that I mentioned in my previous blog post 'Flytraps: Part 1'.

As you can see this plant is much larger and has red 'jaw' leaves. It had recently caught insects with a couple of it's 'heads' so I was about to get some shots of the 'mouths' both open and closed.

This will be it for now for the Flytrap macro photos at least until I acquire my next plant.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flytraps: Part 1

As some people may know, raising Carnivorous Plants is somewhat of a hobby of mine. These photos of a small Venus Flytrap were taken last summer using a macro lens on my Nikon D2Xs, my reason for posting these images now nearly a year later is that I am planning to revisit these types of images tomorrow with a new much larger Flytrap plant which I have recently acquired.

If all goes well it may become a new personal photo project of mine. Macro 'Portraits' of each of my carnivorous plants as my collection grows could be a fun concept to explore and expand upon.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Way of Sharing

Today I got myself into gear and decided to start using this Photo Blog to tie my Website and my various social networking sites together into one cohesive 'experience'. From now on instead of making similar updates or posting the same photo to my pages on several different networking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, & LinkedIn to name a few) I will be posting the majority of relevant information and new photos that I wish to share here on the Blog, then sharing that post across my pages on other sites. You may have noticed that I have already begun using this method for my previous few posts on both my Facebook and Google+ pages.

I feel that this is a more efficient, consistent, and professional way to manage sharing my images as it keeps them centralized in one place yet still allows them to be shared, viewed, and interacted with by people on social networking websites just as easily as always.

What's your name?

I've been watching this spider each day who lives between my kitchen window and it's screen since I moved into my new place earlier this month, earlier today I caught her wrapping up a snack... Does anyone know what species she is?

The World's First Digital Camera by Kodak from 1975

I stumbled upon this article on Kodak's website while looking up information about cameras, I thought it was pretty interesting so I figured I'd share it here on my blog. Although the methods have changed, "Film-less Photography" has definitely prevailed.

"It was a camera that didn’t use any film to capture still images - a camera that would capture images using a CCD imager and digitize the captured scene and store the digital info on a standard cassette. It took 23 seconds to record the digitized image to the cassette. The image was viewed by removing the cassette from the camera and placing it in a custom playback device... There you have it. No film required to capture and no printing required to view your snapshots. That’s what we demonstrated to many internal Kodak audiences throughout 1976. In what has got to be one of the most insensitive choices of demonstration titles ever, we called it “Film-less Photography”."

Read the full article here:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I arrived in Atlanta, GA a few days ago and just got my home internet up and running. As I begin to get photoshoots set up here I will start posting some highlights here on the blog. I am definitely looking forward to getting things going in a new city, especially one as large (and warm) as Atlanta.