Sunday, April 7, 2013

Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Decatur Waterworks...

Yesterday I took a trip to explore the old Decatur Waterworks Ruins near the Atlanta/Decatur border not far from my house. Built in 1906 this former water pumping station supplied the area with water until the 1940s when it was abandoned when a larger water processing plant was opened which supplied a larger part of the metro Atlanta area. It was used briefly during World War II to supply a nearby local Naval Air Station which later became Peachtree DeKalb Airport. Since 2006 the area has been recognized as historically significant by the state of Georgia and has been incorporated into the nearby 'Mason Mill Park'.

I think the combination of nature and graffiti covered debris would make for a very interesting setting to return to for some portrait and/or fashion photo-shoots in the future.

Here is an aerial photo of the facility from the 1940s before it was abandoned: (Care of Dekalb County Parks Dept.)

Bones, my pitbull also accompanied me on this photo taking adventure:

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