Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Haunting Images from Decatur Cemetery (Part II)

Last February, shortly after moving to Atlanta I first visited Decatur Cemetery, the oldest burial site in the Metro Atlanta area. At the time I made a short post here on my blog with some photos and a little history of the location.

Being only a few miles from my home I had intended to return to with my camera under better lighting conditions when the foliage had begun to grow in a bit more... but before I knew it it was the fall again, so I decided to wait until this spring.

This past weekend a little over a year later and after many subsequent visits empty-handed I returned to the cemetery armed with my camera. I took advantage of the shadows that the setting sun had cast around the area and managed to photograph many of the gravestones that I missed the first time around...

Click here to view the original post from last spring with more photos.

Click here to read more about Decatur Cemetery on Wikipedia.

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