Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Vacant City' Project in Atlanta

A few years ago while living in Boston, MA I began a project called 'Vacant City' the basic concept was that I would photograph very busy urban areas in the early AM hours when they were for the most part 'Vacant'. I have taken a break from this project for the past year or so but have recently decided to continue the project here in Atlanta. This photo is the first of the series to be shot in Atlanta. I took advantage of the emptiness on the streets around 1am on Christmas Morning and took my camera out by Piedmont Park.

I will be continuing to shoot for this project somewhat regularly from now on and will continue to post the new images here on my blog. To see some of the previous images from the series (mostly shot in Boston, MA) you can view the 'Vacant City' gallery on my website.

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